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Medicine Hat - Biography


Medicine Hat was formed from the gutted remnants of U.K. rock band 'Mournblade', 

(Steve Loveday - Guitar, and Garry Bowler - Drums), who, along with New Zealand

born vocalist Mark Jackson, fused their respective roots into the band's hard driving

yet emotive genre-defying style. 


After recording a demo CD, the self titled 'Medicine Hat', in 1993 & tearing up the 

London club scene, the band secured a deal with 'Gut Reaction Records', (famous

for popsters 'Aswad' & 'Space'.  It was at this time the band also recruited a new

country-picking guitarist Mark Wright.


They were soon in the famous Nam's Studio's in Olympia, London, where they recorded

an EP entitled C'mon Here, to be released in the summer of '95 along with a video shot

in southern Spain.


The video received plays on VH1, the ITV Chart Show & MTV, while the band played 

raucous sessions on Virgin radio, Radios 1 & 2, and GLR.


However, the record company were unhappy about the level of success achieved and 

they parted company soon after.  The band finished their best year yet opening up the

British Music Fair at the Wembley Conference Centre, without a deal, but still holding

onto existence.


As 1996 dawned, things looked bleak, so the band retuned to gigging and getting support

in the caves and holes at the U.K. club scene.  One bright note in '96 was the release of a 

live version on C'mon Here on a compilation album called 'Cowpunks', on Vinyl Junkie

records.  The band barnstormed their way through a set at the launch party for the album

in Kensington where a shaken Johnny Walker declared on stage, "Now that was country

music with attitude!". Another supported was D.J. Bob Harris who the band recorded a jingle for.

There were support slots for Albert Lee and Dan Baird, (ex-Georgia Satellites), plus numerous

gigs at the 12-bar club, London and around the U.K. which kept the band alive & willin'.


During '97 & '98, the guys recorded songs for a new CD and continued gigging at some of

their favourite haunts like The Witchwood in Ashton-under-Lyne, The Spitz, Mean Fiddler, 

and Torrington in London, and many other venues.


In the Spring of '98, Mark & Steve, (vocalist & guitarist), decided to take a trip to the MidWest

of the U.S.  the new CD was ready, (named 'Bone-Dry'), and they wanted to see what 

Americans would make of a Brit-band playing American influenced music.  The people

they met were impressed by the CD and their trip went well..


While Mark & Steve were in Rockerville, South Dakota, they met a LaKota Indian called

Paha Ska, and after receiving some instruction visited Bear Butte in the Black Hills, a

sacred plains Indian prayer site, where both men prayed for the same thing - a deal for



A few days upon their return, Mark received a blind phone-call from Rick Goldstein at

Way-Out-West Records. He'd heard the C'mon Here EP, liked it, and wanted the band to 

do an album - "Where they interested?"


Immediately the band reorganised.  Out went original bassist John Brown, and in came 

Lol Dalziel, (whose frenetic style compliments the bands dizzying guitars), and keyboard player, 

(a first for Medicine Hst), James Whiteman . The band soon appeared on two Cover CD's for

magazines 'Guitarist' and 'Classic Rock', and hit the road re-energised.  After a long wait, a

re-packaged, re-recorded and re-engineered version of 'Bone-Dry'  was released in July 2000

to coincide with the band playing at the Americana festival.


The album got some great reviews and Ritz Radio Country nominated it for Album of the year.


The climax of the year found the band on their best tour yet.  The gigs were packed and a 

management company, (Halo Management), witnessed several of these and were determined to

give the veteran six-piece a try.


Halo's first move in 2001 was to send the band to Spain to do another video, this time for the 

Way-Out-West released single 'I Still Bleed'.  The single received play on Channel4, Channel5, 

and rock shows and stations around the U.K.


The band also invested in a web-site and the summer culminated in the recording of a live album

and video at The Junction, Cambridge - a venue close to their hearts & packed with fans.

The bands' persistence had paid off.


Late in 2001, with new tracks on the way, the band undertook a month long U.K. tour.  They

returned wiser, none the richer, but with many good stories to tell.


Recent coups include a 4-track promo video shot & interview for Sky TV, and interview & play for

a new track 'Lightnin' for Sky Sports, and a documentary filmed by Image Wizard TV charting the

bands' work.


Early 2002 saw the band on tour, (as usual), supporting the 'I Still Bleed' (EP) single.


Blistered Hands, Bald Heads, and Battered Hearts not withstanding,

this band's got a Story To Tell !!