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Born in Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand, February 15th 1967.


Influences:  Blackfoot, Steve Earl, Southern Rock in general, AC/DC, Motorhead

Billie-Joe Spears, Glenn Campbell and Paul Rogers, Hehaka Sappa, Archie Far Lame Deer, Ed Eagleman,

Frank Fools Crow, The Ikche wichasha na aceti shakowin.

Pilamaya oyate na Wakan Tanka. Hetchetu welo.  Wani kta ca, leca mu welo.


Equipment:  Sure SM58, Taylor Big-Baby Acoustic - 306GB.  Perferred electric: Gibson Explorer and

Marshall amplification, nuff said !


Other Interests:  History. Environmental and social politics, Shamanism, Painting.


Favourite Gigs Seen:  AC/DC headlining Donnington in 1984 with Van Halen.  Blackfoot live at the Marquee club 1990.