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Medicine Hat's 'One of these days' appearing on the cover CD of Classic Rock - June 2000

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The band appearing in Classic Rock in 2000

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Free Country Oct 2000.    They sound somewhat like The Eagles performing a Steve Earle tribute album. This is one of the greatest homegrown country rock bands ever and deserves every single one of its 9/10
HMV - February 2002.   Think of country music and you might be drawn to an image of boots and boobs. Think of classic rock and you might think heads-down mindless boogie and hair between your knees. Forget all that, put together the real musical roots of both genres and do yourself a favour, think of Medicine Hat. The North London band with a name fished out of the Saskatchewan River in Canada and a sound forged in the deliciously catholic spirit of love for both country and rock disciplines. A little bit Gram Parsons, some Free, a touch of the Allmans and Blackfoot, and a whole lot of rampant fun. Medicine Hat's current album 'Bone Dry' is strangely like finding a bathful of cold beer in a dusty desert.

HMV - March 2002 - 'HMV Choice' .... And their sound? It's a loose, rolling, retro country rock that should appeal to all who prefer early Eagles to alt-country and although Bone Dry is a studio album it manages to retain the group's electrifying energy....
Mule Dog Magazine - USA     Medicine Hat is a high energy Southern Rock.....lead vocalist Mark Jackson has a hard driving vocal style and furious passion for "Outlaw Country" and Native America is a perfect match for the groups hard edge. although the album is studio it is one of those that imparts just how electrifying and powerful the band is on a live performance and the studio work is such that the energy and life remains in the mix. The material on the CD is consistent and sounds like it would be great for concert work however among the songs is a real diamond. We found that the song "Indian Rose" is one of those one in a million songs that we are sure will be the one that breaks it wide open for Medicine Hat. High energy Southern Rock at it's finest from the UK!    -    Click here to see full review
BCMA Oct 2000.   A splendid example of how a British band can sound if they put their mind to it. An impressive collection.
Jerry Ewing- Classic Rock.   British Country rock? can the Brits cut in a genre so readily associated with America, the answer is undoubtedly yes. Jacksons own vocals, somewhat redolent of Hootie's Darius Rucker, add more authenticity, while the rest of the band weigh in with hearty performances. Definitely ones to watch for.