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Gig Reviews


If you attended one of the gigs, the band would love to hear your thoughts...[e-mail here]



Sandfly Festival, Medicine Hat, Canada - 1st July 02



The Band would like to most sincerely thank all the people of Medicine Hat who made us all feel so welcome, 

including all those at the MY96 and 1270Chat radio stations for all your efforts in promoting the band.  A special

thank you must go to Jay Hitchin for all his support over what must have seemed like a long few days for him - Cheers!!



Well as you guys are all probably aware, Medicine Hat undertook a momentous journey recently
when we went to play the 'Sandfly Festival' in Medicine Hat !, (Alberta, Canada) -
and believe us when we say it was a wild trip in more ways than one.
We landed in Calgary on the 26th of June and went straight to our Hotel, some of the band, 
tired from their extensive use of Air Canada's hospitality, headed off to bed. However Mark and Gary
continued for some time, (thanks to the Canadian officer's drinking club).
The next day, the band were off to get acclimatised to the place which bares our name.
On the 29th of June and for the next couple of days, the band were occupied with radio and tv interviews
plus a live session on Southern Alberta's radio stations - MY96 & 1270CHAT as well as sight seeing,
filming for their documentary, rehearsing and hostel reinvestigation.
The band finally played to several thousand people on Monday afternoon
and in 2 sets had blistered paint on near-by buildings.
The band would like to thank everybody involved in the Sandfly Festival, the other bands
on the bill and especially our host, Jay Hitchen.
We had a really great time over there and hope to be back soon.



Classic American - Sat 18th May 02

The band all had a fantastic night at Long Marston, and would like to thank all those who watched and,

hopefully, enjoyed. It was a great location and the music seemed to go down well with those present -

thanks to all who offered words of support after the gig.  It was fun to dust off the cobwebs with a few old

covers including Willin', Ace of Spades, Sweet Home Alabama, Country Boy, Copperhead Road and

Rhinstone Cowboy. as well as playing all the best of the current Medicine Hat crop. After the gig the night

fell into a blur with the bar having a VERY late "license"!!  All the best to everyone we met at the weekend,

including the 'Burger Babes'!, and hope to see you again soon. 


The Springhead - Sat 9th March 02

The band would like to thank Terry, all at the Springhead & all those who came to the gig for making

this a great night and one the band will have very fond memories of.  As always at The Springhead,

the sound was superb both on stage and out front, making it a joy to play and hopefully to listen to!!

The venue must have been close to capacity and all those watching gave the band a tremendous reception.

We look forward to returning soon.


The Leopard - Sat 2nd March 02

After a great blues support, Medicine Hat took to the stage playing all the regular tracks as well

as testing everyone's memories by responding to requests for numbers from the earlier CD's.

Mark's voice was as strong as ever as the band returned to Doncaster, and were pleased to

welcome their very good friend and exceptional guitarist, Owen Vaughn, on stage with them.

It was great to see Owen at this one, and the punters all appreciated his world-class playing. 

The band always enjoys playing at The Leopard and this was no exception.


The Borderline - Sat 23rd Feb 02

The band's latest round of gigs was kicked off with a very successful outing at London's

Borderline.  Medicine Hat were supported by 2 very talented bands both mixing

classical and folk themes.  Med Hat went on stage at around 9:30 to play to a

capacity audience.  The set went down well and many thought it was the best gig to

date.  The band were very pleased to welcome 'Wurzel', (ex-Motorhead - 12 years), on

stage for the final song - a stormin' rendition of his previous band's Ace Of Spades.