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MARCH 2003
The band has just completed shooting a new video to accompany the forthcoming single ' Too Far Gone'.
Shot in a massive unoccupied house in Portland Place, central London, the video will comprise action
scenes of the band playing as well as an underlying story line portrayed by actors.  The band would like to
sincerely thank all those involved in the film which was directed by Russ Malkin, organised by 
Claire Beasley, (great sandwiches as well!!), and made possible by Mike Maslen. For the band, the video
signaled a step up in quality which was a direct result of the professionalism of those involved its making.
It was a long day for all involved, and the effort was much appreciated.
Pictures from the shoot will be steadily posted over the next few weeks, and video clips added once
editing is completed - approx 1st week of March. 
More info soon  
Dear Hatters,

Here's a quick update on the state of affairs in the Medicine Hat camp.

The Medicine Hat Live album, (titled 'Crowd Control'), recorded at The Junction, Cambridge
in August 2001 is scheduled for release in Canada through Indie-Pool and HMV on March 17th.
The Canadian release will also include, as part of a $20 package, the new Medicine Hat single
'Too Far Gone', which will also have 2 tracks from the forthcoming studio album.
HMV are doing special promotions on the album and single, so keep a eye out for
it in Canuckland, (that's Canada to rest of you!).  The band will also be filming a video in
the UK to accompany the new single which will be screened in conjunction with it's release.
Work for the new album continues with tracks being written furiously - should be a cracker!

As far as gigging goes, everything is pretty much quiet for the next few months, but a
possible gig in London at the Border-Line or similar venue is not out of the question.

Good to see our friends and fans at the Christmas gigs - we had a blast and the band looks
forward to touring the new CD with prospective gigs including Canada.

All the best and yours faithfully,
The band would like to thank all their fans for the support they've given throughout a busy 2002.
Merry Christmas to you all, and lets raise our glasses to a busy and successful New Year !