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Staying Free From Flu

Flu season can really knock you for six. If you do catch the flu you can be off work and bed bound for a couple of weeks and with Christmas coming up or work commitments to tend to, that really isn't what anyone needs. There are a number of cold or flu symptoms to look out for including headaches, nausea, raised temperature and myalgia.

The obvious suggestion is to avoid people who have the flu, however this isn't the best piece of advice that you can have. Flu symptoms can take up to two weeks to actually show up meaning that if you have the flu it can go unnoticed for that period of time. This is known as the incubation period and you can be infectious during this time. If someone at work or in your home has the flu, the chances are you have been in contact with them over the two weeks leading up to their symptoms showing to have been able to catch the flu yourself. *

Once you have influenza there are medications that you can take to get rid of the virus, however these really only lessen the length of the illness and still leave you with quite a while to feel the effects of the flu. There are a couple of medications that are usually prescribed, which are Tamiflu and Relenza. Tamifilu is the most popular to be prescribed for the treatment of influenza, however Relenza has been suggested to be more effective. Click here for Tamiflu information or here for Relenza product information. *

The best thing to do to make sure that you are flu free is by preventing the flu virus instead of trying to get rid of it once it has already hit your system. flu prevention is key and here are some top ways to prevent catching the flu. *


Get vaccinated

The government has a large number of flu vaccinations which are being offered to the elderly, very young, pregnant and anyone who has suffered from immune system problems or problems with their respiratory systems such as persistent chest infections or asthma. People with lung cancer are also recommended to get vaccinated*

The vaccine comes in the form of a muscular injection that doesn't hurt very much during administration. There is also an easier nasal inhaled version of the vaccine too that can be taken, although the injection is the most common method. *


Keep your hygiene up!

Make sure that you restric the passing on of few germs as much as possible by always washing your hands when you use the bathroom, cook and prepare food. Follow the safe hand washing guidelines too as they make sure that you cover every surface. Keep a hand sanitizer on you too. This means that if you are out and about and away from a bathroom you can keep your hands clean. This is especially useful if you are using public doors, stairways and any other equipment that other people come into contact with. *


Don't spread your germs

If you need to cough or sneeze then do so into a tissue and then bin it before the germs spread. If you do not have a tissue then you can cover your mouth or nose and then wash your hands as soon as possible. If you need to open or close a door but you don't have hand sanitizer than try using your elbow to do it. *


Make sure that you are healthy and fit

Having a healthy lifestyle and being at a good level of fitness will mean that your body will be stronger and your immune system will be better equipped to fight of the flu virus. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise. It is important to increase your circulation as it keeps your cells moving around the body, which helps them to fight off any unwelcome infections. *


Get lots of sleep

Sleeping can boost your immune system and if you get enough of it, it cannot only help to prevent the flu but if you do catch the flu it may not last as long as it normally would. *


More information

If you would like any more information on the causes, symptoms, prevention methods or treatments of the flu then why not have a look online at where you can get free and trustworthy advice and information. Flu really can ruin your winter so be sure to know the facts and do all that you can to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy this year. *   


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